How to become our member - FAQ

If you and your organization, association or club would like to be a member of currently the biggest Taekwon-Do federation in the world as well as a part of a great Taekwon-Do community, we invite you to read the information below.

Your country is on the Members list
If you would like to become our member, you should check the section “Members” under the following link: in order to check whether your country is already represented by any other organization in the International Taekwon-Do Federation.
If you find your country on the list, you should contact the representative of that organization in order to get information on how are the rules of joining that federation.

Your country is not on the Members list
If your country is not represented in our organization (see the link:, you can submit a membership application to the International Taekwon-Do Federation.

According to the Art. 6 of the ITF Constitution:
“The Associations/Federations which are legally constituted as non profit organizations can be Members of the Federation, by previous agreement at their own General Assembly, deciding freely and voluntarily to join it due to an interest in the development of the aims of the Federation. They must present a written request to the ITF Board of Directors, and will be resolved at the next Board meeting.”

According to the ITF By-Laws depending on the development level of your organization you can be: a National Association, an Allied Association or a Club Member.
The requirements for each type of membership are specified in the point 4.12. of the ITF By-Laws.

The ITF Constitution and ITF By-Laws are available on the official ITF website under the link:

The advantages of being member of ITF
Being a member of ITF gives you the following advantages:
1. You become a part of the biggest democratic Taekwon-Do organization in the world which is operating according to fundamental principles to give its members what they want and need. A key principle of the ITF is that the Federation belongs to its members therefore it must work for its members and with its members.
2. All fees (annual fee, instructor plaques or black belt certificates, replacements certificates) are scaled according to the economic situation of the country as determined by the World Bank Guidelines with reduced fees for those countries with poorer economies.
3. You will be allowed to participate in the competition system held on a regular basis on a very high organizational and technical level. The World Championships and World Cup are being held every two years in turns. As our member you will have access also to Continental Championships and Cups, Open Tournaments, international competitions and matches, courses or seminars held according to the calendar of events of each Federation.
4. We try to fulfill our members’ expectations by giving them many services such as: International Instructor Courses (IIC), International Competition Courses (ICC) or International Umpires Courses (IUC). You will have programs such as Taekwon-Do Kids or Harmony Program for elderly people at your disposal.
5. The access to the ITF Data Base on national or even club level will gives you a tool to record members’ participation in grading, courses and to control your organization.
6. You will be member of a unique community all over the world that shares your interests and hobbies. You will be among people who want to represent, promote and work for the development of the practice of Taekwon-Do ITF and for whom Taekwon-Do is a way of life.

Our main goal is to give you support which will assist you in the development and growth of your organization on a technical, organizational and financial level.

If you are not our member yet, we invite you to cooperation.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our office.

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