Report of Grand Prix Almaty 2018

On 17-18 November in Almaty city, The National Sport Federation of Taekwon-Do ITF host a Taekwon-Do ITF Open Tournament: “GRAND PRIX ALMATY 2018”, this tournament annual open for everyone, who practicing Taekwon-do. For our team it’s a good Promotion and meet friends and to talk with new coaches, to show the level of our organization. In this tournament was 445 participants.

Over 30 coaches, 35 umpires, 20 volunteers. Each year we are rise the number of athletes. Countries who supported GPA: Kyrgyzstan Republic and Uzbekistan Republic. 2 new regions from Kazakhstan joined us, It’s North region and East region of Kazakhstan.


Next region of Kazakhstan supported GPA:

  • Almaty city

  • Almaty region

  • Astana city

  • Karaganda city

  • Semey city

  • Taraz city


The athletes shown their skills in next programs:

  • Pattern

  • Sparring

  • Special Technique

  • Team Pattern

  • Team Sparring




  • Kids -1

  • Kids -2

  • Cadets

  • Pre-juniors

  • Juniors

  • Adults

The Age group kids-1 and kids -2 were split into 4 groups in each division per 4 people. And all the kids were awarded with medals and Diplomas. The Team programs was awarded with Trophy. Also we had next nominees like: Best Clubs, Best Referee, Best Umpire, Best Technique Club, and Overall medals Classification.


The Open Ceremony was at 14-00. It starts with speech of our honor guests and then President Open GPA tournament, next was Demonstration Team from Taraz city athletes with brilliant programs and special guests acrobatic dance team from Almaty.




Best clubs:

  1. U Team - 1 place (Uzbekistan)
  2. SC "Zhenis" (Almaty)
  3. SC "Berkut" (Almaty)


Best Referee nominee:
  • Mr. Konstantin Klimov (Uzbekistan)

Best Umpire nominee:

  • Ms. Diana Khan (Taraz City)

Best Technique Club:

  • Terra Sport Team

Pre-Junior Team Sparring:

  1. Place – Uzbekistan United Club

  2. Place – Uzbekistan United Club 2

  3. Place – Almaty NSFT Club

Junior Team Sparring:

  1. Place – Uzbekistan United clubs

  2. Place – Almaty NSFT Club

Overall Medal Classifications:

  1. Place – Uzbekistan United clubs

  2. Place – Astana team club

  3. Place – Taraz team club


On 16 November OC organized Umpire seminars under Tournament Director Mr Konstantin Klimov. All new coaches and umpires 3 hours practiced their skills, and after this seminars they awarded Certificates.

Special Thanks for Sabomnim Konstantin Klimov for this great knowledge.

Also we are appreciate Master Khan for Supporting this event, he came with 103 athletes!!!

Thanks for our new coaches: Mr Khusniddin Kurbonov, Ms Maisara Amanbayeva, Mr Sergey Faustov, Mr Damir Komutov, Mr Nurlan Abenov, Ms Diana Khan.

And Special thanks for all Umpires for their great work and professional skills.

Total we are awarded 552 pcs of Medals! See you on our next tournament Mightyfist Kazakhstan Open 2019!!!

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