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GM Daher’s visit in China

On the 25th June Grand Master Michael Daher, the Vice-President of International Taekwon-Do Federation revisited China on the official invitation from the International United Taekwon-Do Association China.

The main purpose of the visit was to introduce the Allied Association to the Government body and meet the newly affiliated instructors, that have joined since the previous visit. We had a meeting to instruct the group on how to form a proper association to work with the ITF Constitution, as well as a meeting  in preparation of the upcoming IIC Course in Shenyang.

The organizers greeted GM Daher with a fantastic welcoming by the group. From the airport we went straight to the first meeting which went until 1am, the trip was very rushed with the limited time and the work that needed to be done. On the second day, at 9am we started the Congress meeting of IUTA China, with over 15 newly joined instructors present. In this meeting I explained to the group what the ITF expected from them as an organization and what the ITF expected of them as Instructors. There was a lot of discussion on how to apply for ITF Certificates and ITF Replacement certificates. This has been explained now to them in detail, the right way following the ITF Constitution. This Congress meeting had major media coverage from televisions stations to Newspapers. I did a small demonstration for the media.

I believe that this group is going to be very successful and a huge benefit to the ITF, their President Mr. Qin Shaozhong is a successful business man. He organized all of the media coverage. On the day that I left, the group signed a contract with a major web designer in Nanjing to design the website for China. I see the team as being very dedicated and hard working, they are a very professional and respectful group. This group was only recognized as an Allied Association in April at the board meeting, they are growing really fast and have already set up an IIC Course. In the negotiations stages, they would like to have a one day Umpiring Course the day before the IIC, as all of the instructors will be present.

To summarize, it was a very hectic trip time wise, but at the same time, very successful. 


Grand Master Daher
Vice President of ITF Board of Directors
President of Oceanic Taekwon-Do Federation
President of ITF Australia


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