1st Palestine International Taekwon-do Championship (online)

Jerusalem - The International Taekwondo Federation in the State of Palestine and the Jerusalem International Academy of Taekwondo, headed by Master Mohammad Salah Abu Rmeileh, concluded the 1st Palestine International Taekwondo Championship I.T.F remotely, and seven Arab countries participated in the championship: Palestine, Morocco, Libya, Algeria, Iraq, Tunisia and Turkey.

The tournament competition consisted of videotaping the player performing aerial combat movements for 15 seconds and sending the video to the head of the jury, Mohamed El-Joudary from Morocco.

The President of the Palestine Taekwondo Federation, Master Abu Rmeileh, stated that this is the first tournament for the art of International Taekwondo I.T.F at the level of the Arab world under the supervision of the International and Asian Taekwondo Federation, which was praised by the President of the International Taekwondo Federation, Grand Master Paul Wheeler and his deputy, Grand Master Michael Taher, and they congratulated the State of Palestine for the distinguished organization For the championship, and the championship targeted all age groups, males and females.

The results of the championship were as follows:

First male children category: First place: Salah Abu Rmeileh -
Palestine Second place: Yunus Saleh - Iraq.

The second category of male children: First place: Baraa El-
Bahi - Morocco Second place: Karam Abu Rmeileh -

Third place for male children: First place: Baqir al-Alam
Muslim Muheisen - Iraq Second place: Ibrahim Omeira -
Palestine Third place: Hussein Asaad Jabbar - Iraq Third
place: Hassan Asaad Jabbar - Iraq.

First category for female children: first place: Sanaa Abu
Rmeileh - Palestine Second place: Sanaa Lotfi - Morocco
Third place: Lujain al-Tawil - Palestine Third place: Buthaina
Khattab – Palestine

First Boys Category: First Place: Reda Farouk - Morocco
Second Place: Rayan Bin Younes - Tunisia Third Place:
Muhammad Ramadan - Palestine Third Place: Muhammad
Abdul-Hussein Hassan - Iraq.

Second Category Junior Boys: First Place: Mutasim Hawash -
Palestine Second Place: Abdullah Salem Zaqlam - Libya Third
Place: Belfadl Asaad Jabbar - Iraq.

Third Junior Boys Category: First Place: Ayser Al-Darwish -
Tunisia Second Place: Imad Awad - Palestine.

First female junior category:

First place: Maryam Boufares - West Second place: Mayar
Al-Tawil - Palestine Third place: Ghazal Abu Dhiyab -

The second female junior category: First place: Alaa El Hanin
- Morocco Second place: Maryam Bouhouch - Tunisia.
Third Junior Girls Category: First Place: Maryam Al-
Qawasima - Palestine Second Place: Fadwa Al-Sheikh –

First male cubs category: First Place: Shuaib Basho -
Morocco Second Place: Ahmed Bouhouch - Tunisia Third
Place: Muhammad Haymour - Turkey.

The second category of male cubs: first place: Youssef
Mazouari - Morocco Second place: Hamza Al-Ajili - Tunisia
Third place: Muhammad Abu Eid - Palestine Third place:
Mahdi Abbas Mahmoud - Iraq.

Third Male Cubs Category: First Place: Ayser Muhammad
Al-Jabri - Iraq Second Place: Iyad Al-Tohamy - Tunisia Third
Place: Muhammad Abu Sara - Palestine.

Fourth Male Cubs Category: First Place: Jamil Shanaytah -
Palestine Second Place: Rasool Ali Khamis - Iraq Third Place:
Haider Muthanna Zamil - Iraq.

First female cubs category: First place: Iman Al-Majri -
Morocco Second place: Shaima Al-Karoui - Tunisia Third
place: Carmel Omeira - Palestine.

Second place for female cubs: First place: Kawthar Atouch -
Morocco Second place: Wafaa Joels - Palestine Third place:
Yara Haimur - Turkey.

Third Female Cubs Category: First Place: Shaima Bazi -
Morocco Second Place: Sama Zubeidi - Palestine Third Place:
Yazan Fatinah – Turkey

Young Boys Category First: First Place: Youssef Ashaoui -
Morocco Second Place: Alaa Karoui - Tunisia.

Second male junior category:
First place: Muhammad Abdul Kareem - Palestine Second
place: Rasul Nazim Hussein - Iraq Third place: Elias Shashi -

Young Boys Category Third: First Place: Abdel Hamid
Mazkadi - Morocco Second Place: Ezzedine Allama -
Palestine Third Place: Ali Muhammad Ayed - Iraq.

Fourth male youth category: First place: Hamza Hafidi -
Morocco Second place: Abdel-Moez Salem Al-Sheikh - Libya.

The fifth male youth category: First place: Muhammad
Mahfouz - Palestine Second place: Ali Muthanna Zamil –

Sixth male youth category: First place: Iyad Al-Darwish -
Tunisia Second place: Acer Shamil Mazhar - Iraq.

The first female youth category: First Place: Sarah Al
Mohtaseb - Palestine Second Place: Heba Basho - Morocco.

The second female junior category: First Place: Rehab Basho
- Morocco Second Place: Yousra Joelis – Palestine

Senior males category first: First place: Ibrahim Abu
Rmeileh - Palestine Second place: Ibrahim Muhammad Al-
Azibi - Libya Third place: Saad Mahd - Iraq.

The second category of senior males: First Place: Al-Asaad
Al-Jabri - Tunisia Second Place: Hussein Ashour Khalaf - Iraq
Third Place: Ahmed Hussein - Palestine.

Third Senior Male Category: First Place: Ahmed Muhammad
Al-Azibi - Libya Second Place: Karrar Ahmed Attia - Iraq.

Fourth Senior Male Category: First Place: Muhammad Yazan
Ahmad Al-Halabi - Turkey Second Place: Munther Bin Dakhil
- Tunisia Third Place: Muhaimin Muhammad Faisal – Iraq

Senior Female Category: First: First Place: Kalthoum Rawawi
- Morocco Second Place: Salwa Ashaoui - Morocco Third
Place: Nour Al-Hoda Raad Kata’a - Iraq.

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